Collaboration is an important part of our work in joining up data standards – for more information on aspects of collaboration please see the sections below.

Important international initiatives are increasingly acknowledging that joining up data is important, and that data standards need to be comparable and interoperable.

At the global level, the outcome document (Paragraph 128) of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) recognises the need and value of joining up open data standards to help achieve and monitor the Sustainable Development Goals.

The international Open Data Charter is particularly relevant for the growing community of open data advocates, standard setters, publishers and users. It is the first charter of its type to recognise that open data is of no value unless it can be turned into information and put to use. It is the first to recognise that joined-up data standards are important. Principle 4 of the charter calls for data to be comparable and interoperable.

In the project, we are building links with these and other initiatives to share technical learning and promote collaboration among different stakeholders.

The Joined-up Data Alliance is a coalition of open data standards setters, users and advocates who collaborate on matters of mutual interest to the development and use of data standards, especially where they face supranational and cross-domain issues. The Alliance is open to all organisations engaged in developing, maintaining or using open data standards that agree to the Alliance’s Statement of Collaboration. Members must agree to good working practices, such as sharing problems when confronted with them, being transparent about resources available to solve them, and making sure that its standards invite contributions from others when it meets or considers an upgrade.

Anyone who shares the goals of the Joined-up Data Alliance is welcome to join and participate in this group. Contact:

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