We aim to improve how standard setting bodies, data producers and users collaborate to make their data interoperable and more easily comparable with other data. We do this by exploring how particular standards can be joined up with one another and by bringing standard setters, data producers and users together to find solutions to common problems.

This engagement and cooperation, including through the Joined-up Data Alliance, informs our research.

We develop specific discussion papers that highlight the challenges presented by disconnected standards.

Engaging with subject matter experts and standard setters we cross-map standards using our thesaurus.

We create accessible visualisations that expose the differences between standards, assess their impact for public policy decision-makers and offer practical suggestions to overcome challenges. The thesaurus server will also deliver a public service allowing machines to automatically translate best-case matches between different standards.

We have published our findings to date in a consultation paper that forms the basis of consultations with relevant stakeholders including major international standard-setting institutions.

We encourage anyone interested in contributing to our work to contact us.